Why Visits to Long Term Care Facilities Are Vital 

July 28, 2023

Once a loved one is living in a long term care community, it may be easy to let weeks or months slip by without a visit. After all, nursing homes and assisted living communities frequently offer plentiful activities, socialization opportunities, and diligent staff who deliver the care your senior needs.

However, frequent visits are critical when it comes to your loved one’s well-being. 

Read on for three core reasons why it’s vital to visit your loved one in long term care: 

1. Visits allow you to check in on their health.

No one knows your loved one like you do. Regular visits allow you to monitor your senior’s physical and mental health, monitor any changes in capability (i.e., activities of daily living, or ADLs), and develop relationships with their care team. 

Visits aren’t just good for monitoring a senior’s health – it could also improve it. Studies indicate that family involvement after a loved one is placed in long term care has been linked to resident outcomes, such as increased life satisfaction.

2.  Remind them that they still have your support.

In 2023, one in three adults ages 50-80 reported feeling isolated. While long term care communities help seniors socialize, loneliness – particularly after a major transition such as relocating to a long term care community – can be the genesis of a host of other health problems, including dementia, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, and anxiety, according to the CDC.

Frequent visits combat loneliness head-on, helping your loved one feel like they’re still a part of your life – and feel like you’re integrated into their new one.

3. You can create new memories (and revisit some old favorites). 

Visits don’t just benefit your elderly loved one – they are an opportunity for your family to continue making memories in an environment that offers the best possible care for your loved one. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to your visits:

  • Check in with your long term care community’s activities director to see if there are visitor-friendly events, like movie night, parades, or games.
  • Bring in a furry family member for a surprise (depending on the pet policy).
  • Bring a photo album and revisit some favorite memories.
  • Play songs from their favorite musicians, or share what you’re listening to. 

Are you seeking long term care options in your area to help make visits easier? Check out our Care Finder here