How a Long Term Care Community Benefits Seniors’ Health

January 25, 2023

As your loved one ages, you may be  more concerned for their health. Nearly 95% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, and when it comes to your loved one’s living situation, you want to make sure they live in a place that can benefit their health. 

Here are four ways a long term care community can benefit your loved one’s health. 


With age, seniors have an increased risk of becoming lonely and feeling socially isolated. Long term care communities offer socialization that would otherwise not be available in other living conditions. According to the American Public Health Association, socialization can enhance mood, cognition, memory recall, and  other healthy behaviors. Transitioning into long term care communities can help your loved one socialize with other seniors. 

Nutritional Guidance

Having a balanced diet as seniors grow older is essential as a good diet can help prevent diseases and support healthy aging. Conversely, an  unbalanced diet can present risk factors, including a weakened immune system and chronic health problems for seniors. Many long term communities offer nutritional guidance to  ensure your loved one is getting the nutrients needed to live a healthier lifestyle. 


Many long term care communities offer wellness and fitness programs for residents to participate  in to ensure they are staying physically active. Exercise can help seniors’ overall health by lowering the possibility of chronic disease, boosting immunity,and relieving pain. By choosing long term care, fitness can become a priority in the lives of your loved one. 


In terms of health and safety, long term care communities offer a safe environment that minimizes the risk of potential accidents. According to the CDC, one out of four older people fall each year, but less than half tell their doctor. By choosing to live in a long term care community, seniors have an extra layer of protection with staff at all times to assist if an accident occurs.