Women’s History Month: Celebrating Centenarians

March 29, 2021

One of the most precious gifts that comes with age is stories – and long term care residents are full of them. 

This Women’s History Month, we’re shining a spotlight on women in long term care who have reached a particularly big milestone – 100! – and their stories of resilience through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on to help us celebrate these incredible centenarians.

Helen (OH) – age 100

In her 100 years, Helen has lived through the Great Depression, the first man in space, desegregation and 9/11 – and has now received the COVID-19 vaccine. Her only complaint? She had to get up early to receive her shot. Read her full story here → 

Marguerite (LA) – age 100 

When asked what she’s grateful for, Marguerite names her great-grandchildren, making it to age 100 and getting her COVID-19 vaccine this January. “I guess I’m the luckiest person in the world,” she says. Read her full story here → 

Angelina (NY) – age 102

According to her daughter, Angelina “has got the will to stay alive as I’ve never seen before.” She was born in October 1918 during the Spanish Flu pandemic, on a passenger ship taking Italian immigrants to New York City – and in 2020 beat COVID not once, but twice. Now, she’s happy and healthy – and back to crocheting. Read her full story here →

Jennie (MA) – age 103

When Jennie tested positive for COVID in April 2020, her family prepared to say goodbye – and when they asked her if she was ready to go, she said, “Hell yeah.” 

Well, Jennie beat COVID – and threw back an ice-cold beer in celebration. “She’s always been a feisty woman,” her granddaughter Shelley said. Read Jennie’s full story here → 

Lucia (NJ) – age 105

How do you survive COVID-19? Lucia will tell you: fill a jar with gin-soaked raisins and eat nine a day for 105 years. Born in 1916, Lucia has lived through the Spanish Flu, both World Wars and the deaths of three husbands and one son. “She has beaten everything that’s come her way,” her granddaughter Shawn says. Read Lucia’s full story here →