When Is It Time To Find Long Term Care For My Partner?

September 14, 2020

When we vow to stay together “for better or worse,” we mean it.

But sometimes, life’s changes are more than we are able to handle alone. We find one day that our spouse’s pills are going missing, clothes aren’t getting washed, and they need more help than we are able to give.

If you’re beginning to consider long term care for your partner, you’re not alone: 70% of us require some sort of long term care once we reach our golden years.

According to Next Avenue, there are signs that a long term care facility may be your best option:

  • You’re not getting enough sleep due to your partner waking up in the night
  • Your partner’s medications are unmanageable
  • You cannot physically manage your partner’s care requirements (such as helping them eat or lifting them out of bed)

Other signs could include:

  • Your spouse has wandered outside
  • Your other important relationships are suffering
  • Your own health is suffering or you are experiencing caregiver burnout
  • Your doctor says it’s time

Acknowledging that your partner needs long term care is hard. The best way to honor your commitment to your spouse is to choose a long term care solution that gives them the care and comfort they need.

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If you are interested in searching for long term care options in your area, use our Care Finder.