Keeping Your Senior Safe & Healthy in Long Term Care

February 24, 2022

Long term care providers and caregivers have continued their rigorous practices to keep residents safe and healthy during the Omicron surge. Using additional personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring seniors are fully vaccinated and hosting booster clinics are all crucial steps nursing homes and assisted living communities have taken to help minimize  positive cases in facilities. 

How can you personally, as a loved one, do your part to keep seniors safe and healthy?

Here are some ways to help:  

  • Stay connected: Keeping in touch with your loved one is vital. Communication is key in ensuring your loved ones feel supported during uncertain times. Spending quality time with them, asking questions, planning frequent video calls and scheduling visits (make sure to check with the care provider for any guidelines) are the best ways to stay connected. Find more resources and tips here
  • Stay up to date with their caregivers: Communicating with your loved one’s caregivers on a regular basis is an important aspect of understanding their care setting. Staying up to date with your loved one’s doctors, nurses, and other direct care staff allows you to understand their circumstances and environment and will help you recognize necessary precautions to help maintain their health. 
  • Adhere to facility guidelines: Many long term care facilities have established COVID-19 precautions that are vital to keeping your loved one safe. Wearing proper PPE and getting tested before entry are a few precautions some facilities may have for visitors. Respecting those precautions are the best way to keep senior residents safe. 
  • Get vaccinated and boosted: Getting fully vaccinated and boosted prevents community spread and is the best possible precaution you can take to protect your loved one in long term care. Read more about why you should #GetVaccinated and boosted here

It’s important that families prioritize and communicate with their loved ones during the pandemic. While caretakers work 24/7 to protect your seniors, you can also do your part to help keep them safe.