Keeping Seniors Active in Long Term Care

April 30, 2024

Spring brings April showers, May flowers, and warmer weather, which opens up new avenues for seniors to maintain their mobility and activity levels.

Staying active has shown improvements in physical, mental and functional health for seniors, combating depression and anxiety. Studies provide insight that there are an influx of benefits for seniors who engage in daily activities, including a boost in cognitive function, a higher quality of life, and easier recovery from illnesses and injury.

Discover some fun activities happening in long term care and senior living communities as inspiration to keep your loved one active!

Drum Fit Fun

Seniors at Wetherly Court in Medford, Oregon had fun staying active by participating in drum fit, a new popularized form of entertainment that also keeps up the physical activity.

Check out the full video →

Fun activities like Drum Fit are a great way to keep your loved one engaged and entertained while maintaining movement to consistently stay active.

Indoor Recreational Games

Bringing fun recreational games indoors to long term care communities or at home for your loved one has long been a popular method for seniors’ physical activity. Games like bean bag tosses, yoga, zumba and even bowling.

Check out a fun bowling game that was played by residents at Maple Ridge Senior Living!

DIY Games

Ever heard of “What-A-Turkey”? Crafting unique individual games for seniors keeps their interest piqued and morale high while ensuring they remain active. Try brainstorming fun new games by utilizing items found around your home or long term care facility to introduce new experiences for seniors.

Watch seniors have fun with What-A-Turkey →