Celebrating Women’s History Month

March 28, 2024

Women’s History Month has taken over Instagram feeds, school hallways, and graced headlines as we pay tribute to the achievements of women through time.

Nowhere does this celebration feel more present than in the heart of long term care. Communities are banding together to honor legendary ladies and their legacies this month.

Scroll down to see the stories:

A legacy of female leadership at Sunnyside Manor 

Sunnyside Manor, nestled in Wall Township, NJ, has been family-owned for more than 100 years – and President MaryEllen Keane proudly upholds the legacy as she guides the community, now women-owned. Reflecting on her family’s influence, MaryEllen shares, “My grandmother, mother, and father would be very proud to learn that I’m operating the business and that their influence has made an enormous impact in how I lead our staff and care for our residents,” MaryEllen shared. Dive deeper into their story here

Senior Women’s stories honored

From a pair of trailblazing best friends to a multi-hyphenate artist who rescued more than 300 dogs, MBK Senior Living has collected colorful, powerful stories of women living in long term care communities across the nation. Get inspired here.

A persevering polyglot gets her flowers

Maria Beernink–a resident of Brookdale Redmond, a senior living facility in Oregon–reflects on her incredible life during Women’s History Month. From living in the Netherlands and fleeing German bombardments during World War II, to the promise of a new beginning by immigrating to the United States during the 1960s, to running four restaurants with her husband, her resilience and determination is inspiring. Read her amazing story here

100 years of Styles

Former nursing home caregiver Frances Styles celebrated her 100th birthday. In fact, her hometown of Camilla, GA named March 16 “Ms. Frances Styles Day” in honor of the trailblazing senior, whose life story includes experiencing the Great Depression, the civil rights movement, and more. Hear from Frances herself here.

A Gold Award for those in their golden years

Ishika Ranka’s dedication through her Girl Scouts Gold Award project, “Resident Radiance.” Over 1.5 years and 130 hours, Ishika orchestrated initiatives to combat isolation and loneliness among nursing home residents, through building an activities cart for a community common area and coordinating donations to the community. Learn more about the project here.

In honoring these women, we not only celebrate their individual achievements but also recognize the collective strength and resilience that continue to shape our communities. Let their stories inspire us to forge a future where every woman’s journey is acknowledged and celebrated.