Celebrating Mothers In Long Term Care

May 6, 2021

For families with loved ones in long term care, this Mother’s Day holds a special significance. For some, this is the first time they have been able to see each other in person since before the pandemic – and thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines, they are going to be able to give Mom and Grandma the best gift of all: a hug.

See how communities are coming together to give moms some well-deserved appreciation after a tough year:

Mother’s Day desserts
Crystal Bluffs Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is hosting a special outdoor event for families reuniting around Mother’s Day: an outdoor dessert event with flowers for residents. “It will be almost like an outing,” says Executive Director Logan Dunn. “It should be a good time.” Read the full story here →

Custom floral arrangements from students
Jordan Peters of Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School helped her students design 50 floral arrangements for residents of Holbrook Healthcare Center in honor of Mother’s Day. “We used leather leaf ferns, baby’s breath, wax flowers, carnations, asters, daisies and eucalyptus—pretty much each arrangement was unique.” Read the full story here → 

Cooking with family
84-year-old Judy is thrilled to be busy this Mother’s Day. Thanks to high numbers of vaccinations in Wisconsin nursing homes, Judy – the baker behind Gardetto’s garlic chips – will spend Mother’s Day with her children for brunch and dinner. But she won’t be in the kitchen on her day: “I like cooking. But not that much.” Read the full story here → 

The gift of big news
The vaccines are offering families the chance to not only see each other, but deliver exciting news face-to-face. 81-year-old Brenda is excited to introduce her boyfriend, whom she met during the pandemic, to her daughter Heather; and 41-year-old Meredith, who has Down syndrome, will get to see her mother Janice, who lives in a senior living community, now that they are both vaccinated. Read the full story here → 

The best gift of all: a hug
Brevillier Village is thrilled to welcome families to see their mothers in-person this weekend. While the face-to-face visits will be short to accommodate the influx of guests, families can extend their contact with video calls or window visits after their allotted time. “They have to walk right past me to do the visits in the nursing home where my office is,” says Vicky Wittuck, Senior Vice President at Brevillier. “And to see the residents faces and the family’s faces when they’re done with their visit is just… it makes it all worth it.” Read the full story here →